The fitness roller / fascia roller – an underestimated auxiliary tool

It is often not easy to find the right exercise equipment. The Fitness-Roller can do something about that.
Whether you want to lose weight, build up your muscles or feel fit, there is something for everyone.
This roller is therefore versatile and easy to acquire. It’s much easier to store than a large piece of fitness equipment and it’s not that expensive either.
But who is it really for? What can you do with it? And what can’t you use it for?

Who is the roller fitness for?

Fascia roller & hedgehog ball for tension
Fascia roller & hedgehog ball for tension

Painful tensions in the back, neck and legs can occur repeatedly and lead to endless torment.
Behind these tensions there are usually stuck fascias. With regular training with this roller, the problem should resolve itself.
It is also important to choose the right type. If the problem is mainly in the back, an ergonomic roller may be sufficient.
Otherwise, a multi-functional set may also do the trick. In general, anyone can use such a fitness roller, but it should be used especially in case of tension due to sports or similar activities.

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What can you do with the fitness roller?

The fitness roller loosens up stuck fascia and promotes local blood circulation, makes the muscles more flexible and finally eliminates pain.
This roller has the basic shape of a cylinder. This means that problem areas can be rolled and softened with the help of the body weight and a bit of balance.
In this fitness programme, the aim is to move the restricted fascial tissue.
The pressure exerted by the body pushes the fascia and muscle bundles against each other. This also relaxes them.
Alternating pressure is applied, which has a sponge effect on the tissue.
During the relief phase, the tissue absorbs fluid in the same way as a sponge. This effect is reversed again when the pressure is released.
The waste products can then be released from the tissue. Depending on the area of application, different areas can be stimulated.
For example, you can sit on the roller to work on the back of your thighs.

What you can’t do with it

However, the fascia roller does not work everywhere. It does stimulate certain parts of the body, but these are usually only the thighs, neck and back.
The stomach and arms, for example, are not stimulated as much as other parts of the body.
And that doesn’t help if you don’t exercise beforehand. Without sufficient exercise, the connective tissue cannot be worked.
The Fitness-Roller is therefore more of a support than a panacea that helps without normal exercise.
It is also possible that if you make even a small mistake, the fascia roller will do you more harm than good.
If you can’t do otherwise and want to work with the roller on your own, ask a specialist first.

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